What is Change of the Tide?

I handed in my atheist’s card back in the summer of 1972. While I have done some notable pushing at boundaries about what it can mean to be a Christian since then – and I have been delighted about some great things happening along the way – the spiritual tide in the United Kingdom has continued to go out ever since then.

Low tide does not look nice near where we live close to a tidal river, and the United Kingdom as a whole – for all its delights – does not look any nicer than a low tide zone just now. Indeed, the country is at the lowest ebb spiritually that I have ever seen.

Happily, the tide does not go out for ever, and after that it starts coming in. There is clearly a great God-given part in a change of spiritual tide happening to the nation. It could be called revival, for which many have waited and prayed for a long time.

However, as a cultural phenomenon, there is also an unavoidably human dimension to this. The United Kingdom is either our land or one that I think the reader cares much about. Wherever we are, our own contemporary scene and culture are definitely part of our watch. This is not just like the weather that we can simply regard as beyond our responsibility.

I’m more interested in hearing and sharing understanding, solutions and ways forward for the United Kingdom than rehearsing its problems, and in giving and stimulating creative thinking for those with a Christian faith and for others who I greatly admire.

Any worthwhile content to be found in my blogs naturally owes much to what I have learned from others. The views expressed are entirely my own and do not represent those of the organisations I am connected with.